Monday, January 4, 2010

A day to remember in your life

I can not forget that day. It was the first day which I went to my university. I felt very happy and also I afraid. I met a new friends, girls and boys. This was the first time I studies with girls.
When I went to my university I dreamed to finish it. At that day I never knew how to deal with new subjects. I made big mistakes at that day I entered to wrong class until the lecture was finished.That was funny!!!
I met my best friend at that day. At that day this is the first time I was back home late at 6 o'clock .
I will never forget the day which first time I went to my university alone and came back alone .
I remember all my teachers. I never forget the first exam. I was afraid because this was the first exam for me at university .
But I was never be afraid later.My father said to me "you are a man now you must depend on yourself and do not say that is difficult just try and try".
Thanks to Allah I passed at the first year of computer science . I felt I was free I can touch the sky I can turn around the world. All the world was mine!!
Now I am at the second year and hope to be a programmer. I will describe this day to my son to learn from this day.
I will forever love this day !!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Bank of the Nile in 1960

I am looking at the Bank of the Nile and some people near it at the picture.
The sun is shining at the photo.The sun generally shines in Omdurman in April.
It is very hot.The men on the left started to cut a piece of wood with a saw. They finished cutting it. The water carrier filled his tins from the Nile. The water carrier are taking them from the shop of solid.
The merchant with the sunshade come to the river bank to sell his goods,
He has come in his car. The door of his car has opened by itself. He is just going back this shop,but he has yet got into his car.
The airplane has not yet landed. It flying and it is going to Khartoum airport.The smallest boat has not yet gone through the bridge.
I have gone to the bank of the Nile on a weekend.It was very nice trip. It is always nice to go there.The bank of the Nile today is different. It is very "dirty".

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to use internet

For me, it’s easy to use internet but not cheap in Sudan. I use the Internet by opening a search engine and write the address which I want .I can visit music websites and download music, films or games. I also use my own e-mail and send message to my friends. I send pictures, videos, and audio files.

How did you spend you Eid

In the morning I went to the Eid prayer. After that, we slaughtered the sheep, cooked the it and had our breakfast . I the afternoon, I visited my uncle and his sons and I also my friends.The second day, I went to cinema and watched a film.During the Eid, all family must be happy. My father sent a gift to me. I was happy about this gift.During the Eid, I wish all poor people will become rich .


A Mobile is a very important device. It is a small phone which we can take any where in our pocket and talk to any person any where and any time. We can also send messages from it. A Mobile is an important technology because it facilitates the communication between people.
My Mobile model is Nokia. I have (zain) chip. It is a gift from my father three years a go. It is the same model (Nokia) and I did not not change it. I use my mobile for both emergency and chatting with friends. I spend one hour daily talking on my mobile. At night, I h talk more on my mobile .
I send about 3 message daily. In one day, I recharge with about 5 pounds in my mobile. There is no any health problems connected to the use of mobiles.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009